Bathroom Lighting for Your Home Remodel

Summer is here in Sterling, Virginia, and many are making fun travel plans or plans to just be outdoors. It's also a time of year when home improvements hit high gear. Here at Dulles Electric Supply, our lighting designers boast an average of 15 years of experience, and they are here to help make your bathroom remodel shine brightly with the best bathroom lighting. Below, we'll take a look at some bathroom lighting ideas for your home remodel. Stop by today!

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Keep in Mind Your Overall Bathroom Lighting

You'll want to start choosing bathroom lighting for your bathroom remodel by taking in the big picture. Ask yourself what mood you want your bathroom lighting to set, and remember to account for all of the numerous tasks you'll be doing. Also, try your best to think about the shadows, which can wreak havoc if they occur in your vanity area.

Utilize Daylighting As Much As Possible

Natural lighting is ultimately the best source of lighting. It has been shown to brighten our mood and spirits and helps us with our circadian rhythm, which helps us sleep at night. Organize your bathroom lighting remodel around your existing natural lighting so you can complement and support the natural lighting where it needs it the most.

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Choose Your Vanity Lighting First

Once you have your overall bathroom lighting remodel design in your head, it's best to choose your vanity lighting first. Vanity lighting works best where there are two bathroom lighting fixtures on either side of the vanity. LED lights work well here.

Add Shower Lighting

Many people have no type of bathroom lighting specifically for their shower. This can lead to frustration and simply not having enough light to see when showering, especially in the dark days of winter. By adding lighting specifically for your shower, such as recessed or flush lighting, you'll have a better showering experience.

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Add Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is super important for bathrooms and should be a major consideration for your bathroom remodel. Some of the best ambient lighting that our lighting specialists recommend include table lamps, pendants, and wall torchieres. Remember, you can change the temperature of your light bulbs to affect the type of lighting, too.

Night Lights

Most of us get up enough during the night and shuffle to the bathroom enough that having night lights in your bathroom is a good idea. And, your bathroom remodel is the perfect time to perfect your bathroom night lights. Smaller lights are the best to keep the light down in your bedroom. Try a pendant light or mirror lights to achieve this goal.

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Toilet Lights

The most popular type of toilet light that is added during bathroom remodels is an overhead light. This allows for people to read by and lights up the entire space. Consider the color of the walls in your toilet area. Lighter colors require less lighting, so you can choose a more decorative piece.

Dulles Electric Supply has more than 35 years of experience in serving homeowners, builders, contractors, business owners, and more in the Sterling and Washington D.C. areas. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in any manner, from advising on the latest in bathroom remodeling lighting trends to offering a fully stocked supply counter for all your lighting parts needs. Our team can't wait to serve you. If you are looking for indoor and outdoor lighting, home decor items, and lighting supplies, stop by, or shop online today!