Dining Room Wall Sconces for This Holiday Season

The holidays have arrived, so you are probably hustling and bustling to prepare. From menu and gift planning to ensuring your guests who stay at your home have everything they need, you may be going a mile a minute.

Here at Dulles Electric Supply, a local lighting store in Sterling, Virginia, we are busy preparing, too, ensuring we have every type of lighting you could want and need. This holiday season, light up your dining room with wall sconces! Wall sconces are a great way to add extra light to any room, and they can also be used as decorative elements. Keep reading to learn more about dining room wall sconces, and stop by or shop online today.

Consider Your Dining Room's Style

When choosing wall sconces for your dining room, keep in mind the overall style of the room. If your dining room is formal, look for dining room wall sconces that are elegant and understated. If your dining room is more casual, look for wall sconces that are fun and funky. One of the great things about wall sconces is that they come in a variety of styles and designs. You can find wall sconces that are traditional, contemporary, or even whimsical. And, of course, you can find wall sconces that are specifically designed for the holidays. Holiday-themed wall sconces are a great way to add some extra cheer to your dining room this season and impress your guests. Speak to a certified lighting designer for more holiday-themed ideas today!

Consider The Light Bulbs

Light bulbs have different brightness levels and color options, helping you truly set the mood for your space. When shopping for dining room wall sconces, keep in mind the type of light bulbs that you want to use. If you want to save energy, look for dining room wall sconces that use LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs, and they also last longer. If you prefer the look of traditional light bulbs, look for dining room wall sconces that use candelabra-style light bulbs. These light bulbs give off a warm, soft light that is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in your dining room.

Consider Their Height

No matter what style of dining room wall sconces you choose, you'll want to make sure to install them properly. Dining room wall sconces should be installed at eye level, so that they cast light evenly across the dining room table. This will ensure you and your guests have plenty of task lighting to see by. If you have any questions about installing wall sconces, speak to our professionals at our Supply Counter. We carry a whole line of hand and power tools to make the installation of your dining room wall sconces a snap. Or, consult a professional electrician for help.

Consider the Size

Dining room wall sconces not only come in many styles to suit your needs, but they also come in many different sizes, too. However, you'll want to be sure to consider the size of your dining room because too big of dining room wall sconces could overwhelm your space, and too small may hardly make a difference at all. Therefore, consider the size of your dining room; the height of your ceilings since taller ceilings will require taller dining room wall sconces; and consider the number of dining room wall sconces since the more you have, the more light you'll have. Ask an ALA-certified lighting designer for help today.


This holiday season, add some extra light and cheer to your dining room with wall sconces. You can create drama and cheer, as well as warmth and solace. With so many different styles and finishes of dining room wall sconces here at Dulles Electrical Supply in Sterling, you'll have the perfect look and feel that you are striving for. Our local lighting store has been serving the greater Washington metropolitan areas since 1985. We offer both commercial and residential lighting that can make indoor spaces beautiful and functional.

Lighting is extremely powerful, especially during the holiday season with less sunlight. Our certified lighting designers are here to ensure your season is bright as can be. With all your favorite lighting brands to choose from, including Hinkley, Feiss, and Kichler, you'll be delighted with the results. Stop by our lighting store in Sterling, or shop online today.