Often Forgotten Holiday Hosting Touches

Amidst the holiday hubbub, there are things you can forget to do or get that could make a big difference in your holiday get-togethers. Dulles Electric Supply offers amazing indoor and outdoor lighting at our Sterling lighting showroom. When you visit us, you’ll be able to see for yourself hundreds of lighting selections to make your home or office space cozy for the holidays. Below, we’ll take a look at often forgotten holiday hosting touches that can make a real difference. Stop by our lighting store, or shop online today.

Holiday Lighting

Despite the fact we rely on lighting in order to see by, lighting remains one of the most commonly forgotten items by homeowners in Sterling and Washington, D.C. From the front porch light that allows your guests to see the doorbell to the candles in every room that can set the mood and offer sweet holiday scents, don't forget to take a hard look at your home's lighting in order to see if you need to upgrade or add to your home's lighting this holiday season.

Home Decor Items

From preparing food to cleaning your guest bathroom, you may forget all about holiday decor. However, there's something about seeing a nativity scene over the mantle place, mistletoe hanging in the doorways, and pottery in the shape of reindeer that lifts everyone's mood. Don't forget the home decor accent items, and Dulles Electric Supply can help. Shop our selection online today.

Parting Gifts

While it's traditional for those attending holiday parties to bring a food item to share or even a thank you card to the host, giving parting gifts to your attendees as a way to thank them for taking time out of their holiday schedule to visit you is a recent tradition. That being said, parting holiday gifts don't have to be elaborate; on the contrary, simpler gifts, such as homemade cookies or jam, are more appreciated.

Side Dishes

The focus of your holiday meals tends to be the big items, such as your turkey or ham. As such, the side dishes, which add to the flavor of any meal, tend to be forgotten. Examples include a salad, rolls, a certain dessert, and toppings such as whip cream or fudge. One way to help abate this tendency is to invite your guests to bring a side dish to share, which also alleviates the burden you may be feeling at having to provide this as well.

Shop Our Local Lighting Showroom Today

When it comes to holiday lighting, decor, and furniture, your local lighting store has got everything you need all under one roof. From front porch lighting to welcome your guests to small touches that really add to the holiday spirit, our expert lighting designers can truly make your holidays shine brightly. We offer free consultations, which give you the opportunity to ask all the questions you may have, explore our lighting selection, and get the advice of someone trained in lighting and interior design. After all, you want your home to be comfortable both for your guests and for you once the holidays are over.

Our local lighting store is here to help support you with whatever you need. We offer an electrical supply counter for all of your light bulb and wiring needs, as well as a dedicated team for commercial customers.

If you are interested in our holiday lighting, decor, or furniture, or  in any of our other selections, visit Dulles Electric Supply in Sterling today!