Unpacking Matte Finished Fixtures

Matte finished fixtures are some of the most popular types of fixtures. However, if you are new to the world of finishes and fixtures in general, this might not mean a whole lot to you. Dulles Electric Supply is a lighting store in the Sterling, Virginia area. We offer indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as ceiling fans, home decor, and much more. Below, we'll unpack matte finished fixtures in this blog post. Stop by our lighting showroom, or shop online today!

Infographic on Matte Fixtures
Matte lighting fixture

What is a Fixture?

Broadly, a fixture when referring to real estate is anything that is attached to the home or building that would take special effort to remove it. This includes lights, ceiling fans, appliances, blinds, and trees.

What is a Finish?

A finish is referring to the color and material that a fixture is made from and what you can see on the outside. Typically, there are three kinds of finishes:

  • Painted finishes
  • Wood finishes
  • Metal finishes

The finish is super important for the interior design of your home. A finish can make a fixture pop, or it can make it fade into the background — both of which can be desirable based on your goals for the space.

Matte lighting fixture
Ceiling matte fixture

What is a Matte Finished Fixture?

A matte finished fixture is a fixture that does not have a bright shine. It has been muted by absorbing light rather than reflecting it. Matte finished fixtures come in many colors and are seen on many different types of home fixtures, including lighting, faucets, countertops, cabinets, and more. Matte finishes can be show-stoppers, meaning they can draw the attention of the viewer, creating interest in any space.

What Are the Other Types of Finishes?

Besides a matte finish, there are many other types of finishes that you can choose from for your home or office's interior. Chrome and nickel are some of the most popular due to their unique minimalist look and feel. Antique brass offers a warm and inviting charm that many love. Bronze is beloved, adding an old world charm that makes any space seem elegant.

Wood and stone fixtures are becoming increasingly popular as more people value sustainability and recycled materials. Wood and stone fixtures are not only beautiful, but they also lend a natural feel to your space.

Painted fixtures are the last types of finish we will explore. The value of painted fixtures is that they are great for outdoor spaces, as the paint forms a natural protective barrier. Plus, they can be 100% customized to your tastes in terms of color. For example, if you love aquamarine, carnation pink, or purple mountain majesty, you can have that unique color for your fixtures

Lighitng fixture that is nickel gloss
Ceiling matte fixture

Are Matte Finished Fixtures Right for You?

There are certainly raving fans of matte finishes, especially black matte finishes that offer a classic, rich look and truly can make a space sizzle and pop, but are matte finished fixtures for you? The answer is: it depends. You should visit a lighting showroom, such as Dulles Electric Supply near Washington, D.C. to get a good idea of what black matte finishes look like. You should ask yourself what look and feel you are going for and are trying to create. Plus, consider if you are trying to draw attention to a space or an item in that space or if you are looking for a more muted look. There is a lot to consider when choosing finishes for your indoor or outdoor spaces, and our lighting specialists are more than happy to help. Schedule a consultation today!

Good Reasons to Invest in Matte Finished Fixtures

  • Matte finishes are easy to maintain. Simply get some soap, vinegar, and a water solution, and spray when you need to clean. Use a soft cloth to wipe.
  • Matte finishes add dimension to other types of finishes. When you mix matte finishes with another finish, such as brass, you'll add a whole new look and depth that would not be there otherwise.
  • Matte finishes are trending. If you are one to keep up with the Joneses, then matte finishes, especially black matte finishes, are for you. Their use has been growing by leaps and bounds lately, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.
  • Matte finishes offer a classic, timeless look. If you are worried about dating your home or office space, then matte finishes are for you. They offer a fashionable look that does not fade with time.
  • Matte finishes will garner compliments. You want your home or office space to be appreciated and enjoyed by all. When you invest in matte finished fixtures, you'll be the first to be complimented on them.
Matte ceiling fixture


Shopping for new home fixtures can be exciting. After all, you will be giving your home a makeover in small, subtle ways that can truly make a difference in your space. Whether you are in the midst of a kitchen remodel or you just want new pendant lighting over your kitchen island, we can help. Our team has decades of experience in helping to redesign residential and commercial spaces in the Sterling area. We are passionate about ensuring you have the right fixtures and finishes to achieve your goals.

If you are looking for the best indoor and outdoor lighting, including landscaping lighting and entryway lighting, in any type of finish, stop by our Sterling lighting showroom, or browse online today!