Game Room Lighting Trends

You may have dreamed of having a game room for some time, and if you’re now making that dream a reality, Dulles Electric Supply in Sterling is here to help. Whether you’re going to have a pool table, a foosball table, arcade cabinets, or a large TV for games and movies, our team can help you choose the ideal fixtures for any entertainment space.

Our showroom is filled with pendant lights, recessed fixtures, table lamps, and more, all of which can look great in your new game room. We’ll gladly answer any questions you have about lighting design, layout, or installation, because in the end, we want you to have a game room that you love spending time in for years to come.


Pool Table Lighting

The centerpiece of many a game room is the pool table. You spent many an evening looking at different table options online, and you may have visited your local gaming or furniture store more than once. Once you finally selected a pool table, you couldn’t wait for it to arrive so that you could set it up and start playing. But what about the lighting for the table?

As the centerpiece of the room, you’ll want the pool table area to be properly lit. You can hang a traditional billiards light above the table, or you can install an island fixture that illuminates the playing surface and surrounding area. You’ll want to make sure the light is hung at the proper height so that it doesn’t interfere with play, and you’ll want it to match the design of the other light fixtures around the room. Since this light might be one of the first ones you choose, its style can determine the style of your lamps, sconces, and other fixtures in your game room.

Bar Lighting

The game room might be for the entire family, but one feature you might really want is a wet bar. When friends come over to play pool or poker, or to watch the game as a group, you want to be able to offer your guests a cold beverage. If you’re installing a bartop in your entertainment space, we can help you choose the best lighting for this area.

Recessed lights are a great choice for bar areas, as they illuminate the space without protruding into it. You can match your recessed fixtures with small pendant lights above the bar, adding more design and dimension to the space. If you want a traditional pub or tavern look for your bar, you can add some small table or desk lamps with unique shades that complement the dark tones of the wood in your bar. People will love cozying up to the counter on their barstool while you pour them a nice, cold drink.

Arcade Lighting

For any homeowners who grew up in the 1970s and 80s, arcade cabinets could be a must for their game room. Perhaps you’ve been saving up to buy a vintage arcade game, or you’ve found one of your favorite pinball machines has been updated with a new design. Whatever the case may be, the arcade area of your game rooms offers some unique opportunities for lighting.

The arcade area is where you can add a fun pendant light that hangs just above the arcade cabinets and pinball machines. You can get creative with LED strip lighting to give that true “video arcade” feel that transports you back to the 1980s. If the arcade and pinball games are next to the wall or in a corner, you can install new wall sconces for additional lighting. You can also add a floor lamp for more illumination, which you easily switch off when all you want to see is the glow of the game screen.

Home Theater Lighting

Another popular spot in a game room is the home theater area. This is where you’ve added a large flat screen TV, and you have your preferred video game consoled hooked up to it so that you and the kids can play, and you also use it for watching movies, sports, and more. As far as lighting goes for this area, you won’t need a lot, but it’s important to have the right fixtures.

Recessed lights are ideal for a home theater space, as they don’t hang down and create unwanted glare on the TV screen. You can place your recessed lighting on dimmers, letting you create that true cinema feel whenever you want to watch your favorite movie. Wall sconces are also an option for this space, and can also be put on dimmer switches. If you have end tables for drinks and food, add some small table lamps that can be turned on or off based on the time of day or current activity.

Seating Area Lighting

The game room can also be a spot where you go to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. You might not always feel like playing pool or watching TV, and you’d rather just sit and decompress. If you’re adding a lounging or seating area to your game room that has comfortable couches and chairs, be sure you have adequate lighting for reading, browsing on your phone, or having a one-on-one conversation with a friend or family member.

Your seating area lighting can begin with a central ambient, or overhead, fixture. This can be a small chandelier or large pendant light, but whatever it is, it should act as the focal point of the space. From there, you can add floor and table lamps next to your couches and chairs for task lighting, and wall sconces can be installed for accent illumination.

Game Room Lighting Controls

As far as the light switches and controls for your game room, you’ll want to make sure you have the right options for each space or area within the room. For example, the pool table light should be on its own switch, and the recessed lighting above the TV should have their own dimmer. The wall sconces next to arcade cabinets should have a dedicated switch, along with the pendants above the bartop. The lamps will, of course, have their own individual switches, but make sure there are plenty of outlets so that you can place the lamps exactly where you want them. If you need assistance or guidance with adding new wiring to your game room, we can offer recommendations, and our Supply Counter can provide the right parts and tools.

Smart Lighting Controls

If you want to add smart lighting controls or automation to your game room, we can help with that as well. Home automation has come a long way in the past 10 years, and we can suggest the ideal switches, wall panels, and more, giving you optimal control over your game room. You’ll be able to turn on the lights with a voice command or through your phone, and you’ll be able to program lighting themes such as “Poker Night” or “Movie Night.”

Find Your New Game Room Lights

A game room can be a great addition to any home, and if you’re planning to create one, let Dulles help you find the perfect lighting. From billiards lights to table lamps, we can provide outstanding fixtures from the world’s leading lighting brands, giving you the style and the value you want for your new entertainment space.

Look through our online catalog today to see what we have to offer, or stop by our lighting showroom in Sterling to speak with a member of our team. We can discuss your game room design, which lights you’d like to have, and what wiring you may need to add to achieve your goals. Above all, we want you to feel confident that you made the right choice in trusting us with all of your lighting needs.

We look forward to working with you!