Hallway Lighting Trends


If you have a hallway in your home that needs new lighting, then the team at Dulles Electric Supply in Sterling is here to help. We can show you the latest hallway lighting trends, providing you with pendants, sconces, and much more for your home. No matter how long, wide, or tall your hallways are, we can help you choose the best lighting for any space!


When looking for new hallway lights, it’s important to focus on two main types of lighting — ambient and accent lighting. Hallways don’t tend to call for task lighting, but we can help you decide which fixtures will be right for your corridors. Visit our lighting showroom today or look through our online catalog to get started!


Ambient Hallway Lights

Ambient hallway lights come in all shapes and sizes, and before you choose your new fixtures, it’s important to measure the length and height of your hall. If you have a long hallway, you’ll want to choose several lights to install along the length of the ceiling. You might need three, four, or even five of the same fixture so that the entire hallway is illuminated with enough ambient light. This repetition and symmetry can help your corridor feel more balanced and complete in terms of lighting design.

As for the type of ambient lights you choose, you’ll want to measure the height of the hallway ceiling. For any ceilings between 8 and 9 feet tall, you’ll likely want to pick flush or semi-flush mount fixtures that don’t hang down into the space. This will help you leave plenty of room for people to walk down the hallway without having to worry about bumping into the overhead lights. If you have a tall ceiling above 10 feet, you can consider pendants and other hanging fixtures, since there will be plenty of clearance for these types of lights.

If you have questions about hallway ambient lighting, such as how many fixtures you’ll need or what type of lights to get, we’ll be more than happy to help. You can speak with a member of our team who will show you all that we have to offer and answer any lighting-related questions you have!

Accent Lighting Options

While your new ambient lighting will illuminate the majority of the hallway, it’s not the only light source in the space. Accent lights can be key for making a hallway feel more inviting. These fixtures are placed along the wall to bring light to the middle of the space, and you can add them down the entire length of the hall, just as you did with your ambient fixtures.

Wall sconces are often the most popular choice for hallway accent lighting, as they provide plenty of light without taking up too much space. You can install sconces in the spots between your overhead lights, creating more layers of lighting for the entire hallway. You’ll also help balance the lighting in the hallway by alternating ambient and accent lights every few feet.

You’ll want to make sure your hallway is wide enough to accommodate wall sconces, since in narrow halls, these fixtures can often get in the way. If the hallway is wider than 4 feet, you should be able to install sconces without any problem. If your corridor is wider than 4 feet, or has small alcoves along the length, you can add floor lamps or table lamps for additional accent lighting.

Hallway Lighting Styles

No matter which fixtures you choose for your hallway, their styles should either match or be complementary to each other. When designing your new hallway lighting, think about what styles of lighting you like, whether that’s Art Deco, Traditional, or another style. If you have ideas in mind, or you’ve found inspiration on a website or in a home products catalog, we can help you find lights that match your vision.

You can also consider the lighting you have in other parts of your home, such as the front entry or foyer. Since the entry often leads to the hallway, you can use the same style of lighting in your hall as you did in the foyer or entryway. We can also make recommendations based on your personal preferences, budget, and other factors.

Hallways and Stairs

For any hallways that are adjacent to or that lead to a staircase, you can think about designing both of these spaces at the same time. The sconces that you use in the hall can also be used on the stairs, and the lighting controls that you install can be used to turn on both the lights in the hallway and the lights on the stairs.

New Lighting Controls

Speaking of lighting controls, you’ll want to think about where you need new light switches and how many switches you’ll want to have. It’s important to have controls at both ends of the hallway so that you can turn the lights on or off as you come and go. You’ll want an individual switch for each light or set of lights, such as the overhead pendants and the wall sconces. If you’re going to add recessed lights for additional ambient illumination, or you want track lights to highlight any artwork you have on display in the hallway, these fixtures should also be on their own controls. Dimmer switches are a great choice for recessed lights, giving you the option to set them at the desired level based on time of day or season.

Smart Lighting Controls

If you’re interested in smart lighting controls for your hallway, we can help you choose the best options. You might want preset controls that turn on the lights at a certain time each evening, you may want to be able to turn your hallway lights on and off with your voice. Whatever the case may be, we can show you how to make your home more automated and more comfortable.

Find Your New Hallway Lights Today

If you’re ready to look for new hallway lighting for your home, then let Dulles Electric Supply help you choose the best options. We have the Mid-Atlantic’s largest lighting selection on display in our showroom, and our staff has the knowledge and experience to help with any lighting purchase. If you’d like to speak with a lighting design expert, then please contact us today to schedule a consultation. We also have a well-stocked supply counter for any homeowner who’s planning on installing their new lights themselves!

At Dulles, what we want most of all is for you to have lighting that you love for years to come. Whether you’re building a new house or updating a home you’ve lived in for decades, we can help you find the perfect lighting for any hallway. We can show you which styles are most popular at the moment, and we can help you find the latest in LED lighting, lighting controls, and light bulbs. Get started today by browsing our online catalog, or stop by our showroom between 9 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday, or from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday. You can also email us at info@dulleselectric.com with any questions you may have.

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